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This can't be safe 6 years ago
Points for innovation tho
3 years ago
That’s how the flash fucks
Alicia 3 years ago
Bro I got so wet watching this, can anyone buy me one I'll let you try this on me ?
Every man ever 3 years ago
I think she liked that
Larry 1 year ago
No man will ever make her cum like that again
Wow 2 years ago
What you see here is a woman that finds out she doesn't need her boyfriend's/husband's dick anymore, she just needs him to bring the dick sawzall to bed.

Holy fuck this was hot, the moments when she realized how fucking good that would feel got me extra hard
Yo daddy 2 months ago
I would love if anyone would do this to me man or women someone just please tie me up and make me suffer
clm 11 months ago
Next time, don't by tools at the dollar store !! Geash!
Tradie Joe 1 year ago
Maybe I should bring my Makita Sawzall home from work....
My lord 3 years ago
I'm buying one